san sebastian 2006


Du 21 au 30 septembre 2006

This year, the festival had a lot of French atmosphere, thanks to the president of the Official Jury, the actress Jeanne Moreau. In this work of deciding which was the best film, she had some fantastic co-workers:

Bruno Barreto (Brasilian filmmaker)
Isabel Coixet (Spanish filmmaker)
Sara Driver (North American filmmaker)
Bruno Ganz (Swiss Actor)
Manuel Gómez Pereira (Spanish filmmaker & producer)
José Saramago (Portuguese writer)

The quality of the films presented in the main section has increaded comparing to last editions. We have seen very dramatic films like "Ghosts" (UK) about the Chinese inmigrants arriving to the United Kingdom. In "Si le vent soulève les sables" (Belgium-France) we can see the real drama of a family in the middle off the dessert when they need to move from one place to another in the attempt of finding water. Very well presented film with an extraordonary photography. "Vete de mí" (Spain) Juan Diego (Silver Shell For Best Actor) interprete to a father who can not understand his own son, this complicate relationship is due to the selfishness of both of them. "Mon fils à moi" (France) in this film we can see the love-hate relationship between a mother and is son. The french actress Natalie Baye (Shilver Shell For Best Actress) is fantastic in this film which has also won the Golden Shell For Best Film ex-aequo with "Half Mon" (Irán-Irak-Austria-France) which also had the Jury Prize for best Cinematography,  a history from the Kurdistan, about people asking for their right to exist. We need to remember that the Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi won also the Golden Shell in this festival in 2004 with his film "Turtles Can Fly".
We can mention also some other films in the official section that had given a very good impression; "Sleeping Dogs Lie" (USA), very sympathic comedy about a normal young girl (Melinda Page Hamilton)  and the relationship between her and his family after some dark secrets about her are known. "Copying Beethoven" (USA-UK-Hungary) Agniezska Holland presented his last work with Ed Harris in the main role making a very good interpretation of Beethoven during the writing of the Ninth Symphony and the friendship that has got with his copier Anna Holtz. Tom DiCillo and the actor Steve Buscemi also presented their last work "Delirious" (USA) a very symphatic comedy about the life of a paparazzi and his homeless assistant. With this film Mr. DiCillo won the prizes of the Jury for the Best Screenplay and Director. For the argentinian film "El camino de San Diego" from Carlos Sorín was the Special Jury Price.
Apart from the main competition was presented "The Boss Of It All" (Denmark-Sweeden-France)  the last work of the distinguished director Lars Von Trier. A comedy based in the invention of a non-existent chairman of a company to take unwelcome decisions.  This section was closed with the film "Lonely Hearts" (USA) with John Travolta, Salma Hayek and Laura Dern.
In the Opening Zone Section, Pearls are presented the selectefilms from other international film festivals. In this section there are also some good  films.
The mexican directors Alejandro González Iñarritu and Alfonso Cuarón with the collaboration of the british actor Clive Owen presented their last films "Babel" (USA) and "Children of Men" (USA-UK). Both films were very mentioned during the festival. Continuing with the north american film industry we need to mention also the other two comedies that were presented in this section; "The Devil Wears Prada" (USA) the last interpretation of the wonderfull Meryl Streep and "Little Miss Sunshine" (USA) the most aclaimed film in the last festival of Sundance and it had exactly the same reaction in this festival.
In the other Opening Zone, New Directors, were first or second films are presented we can highlight this films:
"Cashback" (UK), "Children" (Iceland), "Emma's Bliss" (Germany), "Singapore Dreaming" (Singapur), "Show me the road Ixabel" (Spain), "Sons" (Norway) and "Proibido proibir" (Brasil)
Like every year the festival makes honor to two directors and they show all their filmography. This year those directors were the german Ernst Lubitsch and the french Barbet Schrodeder. The people coming to the cinemas had the posibility of discovering those two talents of the european cinematography.
But thanks to the section Horizontes we can also have a graet idea of the filmaking that is going on nowadays in Latin America and Spain And in the section Emigrants we had the posibility to see a selection of films about the drama that we are living nowadays in the world with the inmigration.
In the giant Film theatre of the Velodrome os San Sebastian Oliver Stone presented is film about the drama that two New York's fire men lived in the "World Trade Center" (USA) in the terrorits attacks of the September 11th. IN the same scenario the actors Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale and David Hasselhoff presented their last comedy "Click" (USA).
San Sebastian awarded also the talent of the actors Max Von Sydow and Matt Dillon who received the two Donostia Awards 2006. 
Hope to see you all in San Sebastian in 2007 in the 55th International Film Festival.

Aritz Dendategi


L'équipe de Click

Clive Owen

David Hasselhof

Jeanne Moreau


Max Von Sydow

Max Von Sydow

Melinda Page Hamilton

Oliver Stone

Steve Buscemi

Olivier Gourmet

Martial Fougeron

Michael Abiteboul

Victor Sevaux

Crédit photo : Aritz Dendategi

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